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Introducing Four New Faces

We kind of announced it last week already with the launch of the new site, but I still believe we should do this properly: with the new site we also welcome no less than four new bloggers to our already fantastic blogging team : Rich Quick, Nick Wilsdon, Jayson DeMers and Matt Beswick!

In this post I will introduce them to you so you can know what you can expect from the new bloggers.

Rich(ard) Quick

Richard-Quick-250-bwI first saw Rich (I prefer that over Richard, but don’t know what he prefers to be honest ;-) ) speak at RIMC 2013 in Iceland earlier this year. He there started off his presentation with saying “Yes, that is really my name”, which was in instant ice breaker. I was immediately impressed by the way he spoke with humour and knowledge combined together. But the thing which triggered my attention most was his ability to explain a tough topic: what works in mobile and design in a very educational way. He made it ‘look easy’. And by doing that I knew he was able to convince people to go mobile and work with responsive designs (which yes, will be coming soon here as well). Combine that with the fact that he has a big writing experience and the decision was easily made to ask Rich to come on board.

I am really looking forward to Rich’s his posts where without a doubt design will play a big role.

His Bio:

Richard Quick (Rich for short) is a web designer, developer, writer and speaker with over 15 years’ experience.

He’s interested in a wide range of topics including UX, Responsive Design, Agile, Modern Retail, Online Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Front End Development, Ruby, SOA, Enterprise Cloud Computing and Bioinformatics.

Rich Quick wrote a best-selling book on web design back in 2005 and has been quoted as an expert by the likes of the BBC & .NET, advised SMEs on web strategy through Business Link, was a finalist at the SxSW Web Awards, in Austin, Texas, & was on the Shopify Advisory Board.

Rich was Head Web Developer at Arnold Clark, a £2.6bn car dealership group before joining Tribal Spring as Head of UX. He is working on a startup, Headroom.io, in his spare time.

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Great news: Rich Quick (@richquick) is a new writer on State of Digital!

Nick Wilsdon

nick-wilsdon-250-bwI’ve know Nick Wilsdon for a few years now and I can truly say he is a very nice guy. But not just that, because being a nice guy doesn’t make you a good professional or in our case a good blogger. Nick has also shown he is very knowledgable on different levels. He has one big advantage as well: Nick has worked in Moscow for seven years. This makes that his view will be from different perspectives, not just the Western European views, but also that of Eastern Europe. That will mean that he can look at different digital marketing perspectives for us and really help the reader forward by putting the finger on differences and understanding different audiences.

I asked Nick years ago to come on board but he never had time until now, so finally getting him to write feels like a victory!

His Bio:

With 14 years industry experience pushing SEO best practices, Nick Wilsdon is passionate about campaign integration across media channels and improving blended ROI for clients. He handles successful enterprise-level campaigns for the leading UK telecom, finance, travel and FMCG/retail brands.

As Head of SEO and Content Marketing for Arena Media, Nick is responsible for delivering data-driven campaigns which focus on measurable results, and he sees content as being key to the future of SEO success. Subsequently, he has worked to develop Content Marketing and Editorial teams at Arena to see to clients’ publishing needs.

Nick worked in Moscow for 7 years, becoming an expert on the Russian search industry, contributing to publications such as Reuters and the Moscow Times. He lives in Richmond with his wife and two children.

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Great news: Nick Wilsdon (@nickwilsdon) is a new writer on State of Digital!

Jayson DeMers

jayson-demers-250-bwFor many of you Jayson DeMers might be an unknown name, but really if you look closer you will find you have read a lot of great stuff coming from his keyboard already. Jayson has written great articles for big sites like  Forbes, Search Engine Watch, Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.com for example. This shows his high level knowledge. Jayson is an extension to our ‘American team’. With a lot of focus in Europe but many readers coming from the US it is really important to also look at developments from the US perspective and Jayson can certainly help with that.

Knowing his previous work makes me look forward to his writing on State of Digital very much!

His Bio:

Jayson DeMers is a professional online marketer, specialising in SEO and social media marketing. Jayson is also the founder & CEO of AudienceBloom, a Seattle-based content marketing firm.

Jayson is someone who has been around when it comes to writing: he is a regular columnist for Search Engine Journal, Forbes, Search Engine Watch, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and other large media publications, and keynoted the 2013 “MarketingProfs University.”

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Great news: Jayson DeMers (@jaysondemers) is a new writer on State of Digital!

Matt Beswick

matt-beswick-250-bwMatt Beswick is one of those talented young people in the digital industry which has the “State of Digital DNA” written all over him: young, eager to write and share, but also eager to learn. Combine that into one and you have a mix of potential excellence. Matt for a reason starts his own bio at his personal website with the lines “Digital is my life” and “I’m a self confessed geek”. You don’t have to read further to know what to expect from Matt.

Matt actually wrote a guest post for us not too long ago and based on that article I am really looking forward to more of his stuff!

His Bio:

Matt Beswick is the Director of Hidden Pixel – a UK based agency offering SEO and Social Media campaigns to businesses of all shapes and sizes. He’s also a dog lover (he has 3 dogs!) loves to go karting, grew up on a farm, enjoys sleeping, and has a penchant for Southern Comfort and Paul Smith.

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Great news: Matt Beswick (@mattbeswick) is a new writer on State of Digital!

Please feel free to welcome all the new bloggers to our team and off course keep an eye out for their content, which is coming really soon!

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Rich Quick, Nick Wilsdon, Jayson DeMers and Matt Beswick Join State of Digital

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