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Not even a month after we did our site migration things are up and running like things haver never been different. Our site migration had it’s hick ups but in the end went very smoothly, considering what could have happened.

As part of our ‘services’ we want to give you insights into how our site migration went, what our learnings were. And therefore we are organising a live hangout/webinar tomorrow! And we will not be talking about just our migration, experts on this topic will join us to give us their tips and tricks.


Topic: Site migration / rebranding
Guests: Mike Essex, Sam Osborne, Daniel Bianchini, Bridget Gersie (Mediavision), Bas van den Beld, and others to be announced
Time: Thursday October 10, 12.00 UK Time

Mike Essex, Sam Osborne, Daniel Bianchini, Bridget Gersie will join a hangout about site migrations.

We will be doing a hangout about all the things you should look at when it comes to rebranding and site migration. Which elements are important and how a company should approach it.

The hangout will be live broadcasted on the State of Digital website on http://www.stateofdigital.com/hangout/.

The hangout will have the following agenda:

– Introduction: who is everyone
– The State of Digital rebrand: quick overview of steps
– Pinpointing the main aspects of rebranding
– Off site rebranding
– Technical rebranding matters
– SEO and Social and rebranding

Come and join us watching live and ask your questions via Twitter or our special entry form on the hangout page!

Are you coming? Tweet it!

Cool, State of Digital is doing a hangout about site migration and rebranding, I’m in!

Post from on State of Digital
Site Migrations and Rebranding: Everything you Need to Know, Hangout

Source: http://www.stateofdigital.com/site-migrations-rebranding-everything-need-know-hangout/


Author: Confluence Social Marketing

A Confluence is the meeting of multiple rivers that when combined, form a new name. This is our marketing concept. We at Confluence Social Marketing strive to make all aspects of Social and Mobile marketing work together as a unified force. By thinking and planning intelligently, the results will be measurable and cost-effective.

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