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Most marketers know that providing a personalized experience to their website visitors is critical in the battle to increase conversions. Still, the typical website experience is designed around providing many visitors with an experience based on the best average. Matt Althauser looked at this further in his Conversion Conference talk today.

Later in the day Barbara Pezzi, back by popular demand, talks us through what she would do to create maximum impact with a £5k budget…

On Target: Right Content, Right Person, Right Time by Matt Althauser

Matt Althauser

Targeting matters: because every conversion rate is an average of a number of mini conversion rates eg new vs returning, mobile, location, etc. Define a goal, businesses needs and quantifiable success metrics.

Use multivariate testing and retest the experiment. Testing during the Obama 2008 campaign included tests on the home page button and image, eventually increasing donations by $57,000,000 and a 40% increase in volunteers.

Relevance matters: The Romney Campaign increased conversions by 19% just by changing their geo targeting to include the name of the state in the CTA button. In another example a 10% increase was seen by changing the word ‘Donate’ to ‘Contribute’:

Mitt Romney Optimize;y

Help users focus: Simplify over-complex pages to help conversions.

It’s just a test: Something as simple as moving a button can increase new visitor conversions, but be aware, it may lower returning visitor conversions as these users expect the button to be where it has always been.

Speak their language: Eg car rental vs hire car, English and US language differences may be the difference between getting the conversion and not. BE sure you are targeting your audeience as effectovely as possible, a simple thing like the US/English language barrier could make all the differeence.

Start today!

Maximum Marketing Impact With £5k by Barbara Pezzi

What would do you when asked to spend your remaining marketing budget to generate an immediate response? Back by popular demand, Barbara Pezzi of Fairmont Raffles Hotels outlines her response, the questions she would ask, the analysis she would perform and the recommendations she would provide.

Rule number one : manage expectations

What are we trying to achieve? Barara uses a range of techniques defined by the client’s obejctives to reach agreed goals:

What are we trying to achieve

Campaign goals determone the channel: ROI, time sensitive, images, new business etc…

Agree your goals in advance with the client. Your idea of a small budget may be their idea of a big budget and expectations will be out of kilter. Agree realistic goals and make sure their expectations are realistic. If their goals cannot be achieved with their budget, be honest. If there is no agreed base to start eith, it i hard to make an impact.

Set time frames, some channels require more time and not all clients are aware of this.

Select 2-3 clear, actionable KPIs and stick to them. Do not convolute matters or cloud the issue.

Rule number two: Ensure everything is tracked.

Barbara referred to the lack of ability to effectively measure digital ROI as demonstrated by eMarketer‘s January 2013 report:

Ability of Companies Worldwide to Measure Digital ROI for Marketing Channels, Jan 2013

Tag all your campaigns including social media goals using Google Analytics URL builder:

URL Builder

Rule number three: review what is what before you begin

How is the site performing? Where are they getting traffic and profit from currently? Identify potential obstacles eg if sending traffic to high bounce rate landing page conversions are not going to happen. Also hotel availability changes daily (as an example), so measure how many times that hotel was sold out and decide whether you want to send more traffic to it. If you don’t do this ROI will suffer.

Theory in practice: PPC

  • Compare each campaign/ad group
  • Use geo targeting, spend less money targeting areas of business you already have traffic from
  • Check you are not wasting money on broad match terms
  • Utilise Adwords own reports and make the most of segmentation
  • Download and create pivot tables to see where you can save money or where money should be moved to
  • Look for possible new openings, for example if you have a campaign with a low conversion rate test a new area/segment/country and test
  • Use macros to compare, for example high CTR wiTH high QS vs high CTR and low QS

Attribution: Multi channel funnels

Don’t stress about finding the perfect formula. Make good use of conversion segments eg. First touch is social media/PPC/Organic. Aim is to work out the perfect media mix for the audience you are targeting, which can vary greatly.

In conclusion:

  • Manage expectations
  • Goals determine channel: ROI, time sensitive, images, new business etc
  • Get the basics right, optimising is cheaper than acquiring
  • Segment, segment, segment…then pivot
  • Every business is unique, carry out your due diligence

Post from on State of Digital
Right Content, Right Person, Right Time & Maximum Marketing Impact

Source: http://www.stateofdigital.com/right-content-person-time/

Author: Confluence Social Marketing

A Confluence is the meeting of multiple rivers that when combined, form a new name. This is our marketing concept. We at Confluence Social Marketing strive to make all aspects of Social and Mobile marketing work together as a unified force. By thinking and planning intelligently, the results will be measurable and cost-effective.

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