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Moderator: Sante Joseph Achille, Consultant Seo (@sjachille)


  • Luciano Cantoni, Senior Mobile Solutions Lead, Google(@Lu371)

Luciano Cantoni walked through the different needs of mobile users, and different needs mean different approaches with regards to user experience. More and more smartphone users are entering the market and mobile searches are rapidly increasing. But have companies fully adapted? Luciano points out that mobile is still a bit of a problem because it has so many users but too few companies that have optimized their website for mobile which still makes this a “low hanging fruit”.

Mobile users increasingly use their device to find business addresses, shop (on the web or via an app) and downloads apps, in other words; there are so many touch points that have to be considered as well as (and this is paramount) good mobile user experience. Ever since Google rolled out their conversion tracking update, tracking conversions between devices with the “Estimated cross-device conversions” has made it easier for companies to track their campaigns performance across devices.

  • Mobile searches are expected to surpass desktop searches in 2014
  • Factors that need to be taken into consideration when optimizing websites for mobile are;
    • Fast load time – Preferred by users
    • User friendly – Easy navigation
    • Content – Know what they want
    • Consistency – With your offers
    • Inspire action – Make it easy for your users to contact you by phone, complete a form, find your address or download an app.
    • Three ways to offer a great mobile user experience
      • Responsive web design – same URL, same HTML – Cross device optimization made easier without crating multiple websites
      • Dynamic serving – same URL, Different HTML – Server detects device type and presents custom page on same URL
      • Separate sites – Different URL, Different HTML – Mobile site independent of desktop site (mobile sites tailored to needs of mobile users.)

SEM // Maps, Metros & Mobile: Surviving And Thriving In Local Search

Moderator: Ale Agostini, Managing Director, Bruce Clay Europe (@agostini_ale)


  • Luca Bove, Search Marketing Specialist, Imevolution srl (@lithops)

Visibility at the rig

Post from on State of Digital
SEA // Mobile Ads: From Click-To-Call & Beyond #SMX #SMXMilan

Source: http://www.stateofdigital.com/sea-mobile-ads/

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