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Social-Search-HangoutWould you choose to allocate budget for Social or for Search? Or both? It’s a dilemma which many companies run into these days. But can you really make a choice? Or are social and search (and other channels) connected like never before?

These dilemma’s are discussed next Thursday in another State of Digital Hangout. In this hangout several State of Digital experts like Sarah Bradley, Barry Adams, Neil Walker and Bas van den Beld will discuss the importance and the connection of the both.

Cool, State of Digital is doing another hangout, on the Social and Search Connection this time!


The hangout will take place Thursday December 12, noon UK time (check how that what your local time is here)


The hangout will take place right here, on State of Digital on our special hangout page.

Want to be part of it?

The hangout will be live broadcasted on the website (here), but there is room for a few people to attend in person. If you are interested in joining the discussion, you can sign up below.

We will draw from the entries who will get to attend in person. You will then receive a special invite to the hangout!

If you have any questions or remarks you want to get into the hangout you can either drop them on our hangout page here or share the questions using the hashtag #stodhangout

See you there?

I want to join the hangout!

Enter your name, email and why you want to be part of the hangout and you might get chosen to be one of the few to attend!

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  • Tell us why you should get one of the few spots!

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Social and Search Connection: Hangout Next Thursday

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Author: Confluence Social Marketing

A Confluence is the meeting of multiple rivers that when combined, form a new name. This is our marketing concept. We at Confluence Social Marketing strive to make all aspects of Social and Mobile marketing work together as a unified force. By thinking and planning intelligently, the results will be measurable and cost-effective.

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