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Welcome to our coverage of SES London 2014. Our bloggers at the event will be giving you the ins and outs of various sessions across all days of the event, and we start with the keynote from Twitter’s Bruce Daisley on day one.

Bruce (@brucedaisley) started by talking about the message evolution over the past two years. Getting the message to the right audience at the right time is now more important than ever.

One of the challenges we have with social media is if it actually works and at the end of the session he shared new insightful research.

Twitter is far more dynamic now than before. The canvas has become more visual with image previews embedded. Twitter cards also enhance the experience tying in more functionality to tweets.

In the UK 80% of the twitter usage is on the mobile , mostly at home. 25% say they have purchased something they first saw on Twitter and 50% of the users say Twitter gives them the latest news faster than other sources. Twitter increases the effectiveness of TV advertising and in a study lowered the CPA of TV advertising by 36%.

Bruce shared a model where running in real time is a combination of planned and unplanned events, always on and event based marketing.

Live Moments:

Transfer deadline day saw 1.9 million Tweets. Innocent smoothie delivered great tweet of what you could buy for 86 mission

Adidas is one of the best in the moment marketers on Twitter but everything is well planned. Planning for each scenario

Everyday Moments:

Running is far more popular on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Nike target people that mention running in peak times to spark engagement.

Sunny was another trend that can be targeted and planning campaigns around those types of events. ThomasCook and River Island took advantage of the weather as a trigger of the marketing moments.

Last Minute Moments:

Adidas used the tube strike moment to market to people to suggest running instead of using the tube. After a particularly cheap date Nandos sent Adnan a tweet offering a £50 gift voucher which got 23k RT. You can’t plan for it but you need to build in the capability into your team. Look at the upcoming events and plan accordingly.

Bruce then shared previously unreleased research.

  • 94% of twitter users are shopping on their mobiles
  • 70% research
  • 17% are using store locators
  • 7% are actually purchasing
  • 56% of twitter users are influenced by Twitter
  • 37% visit twitter before and after shopping on their mobile, the talking after is key
  • 1 in 3 say that twitter has a direct influence on their purchase

He closed by saying marketing in the moment has really risen in prominence in the last 12 months. It can be daunting but careful planning is essential. Capturing that moment creates a huge impact and should be part of your marketing activity.

The most timely tweet is far more effective than the funniest tweet, market into the moment and reap the rewards.

Post from Louis Venter on State of Digital
SES London Day 1 – Keynote : Running in real time, bringing campaigns to life : Marketing in the Moment #SESLon

Source: http://www.stateofdigital.com/day-1-keynote-running-real-time-bringing-campaigns-life-marketing-moment-seslon/


Author: Confluence Social Marketing

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